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LPN combines
urgent rescues with
long term advocacy

Photo by: Visarut Sankham/Realframe

The Labour Protection Network* was formed to improve the lives of migrant labourers in Thailand by addressing the injustice brought on by discrimination and inequality.

Only LPN has the courage to orchestrate life-saving rescues in the near term
and the strategic focus to inoculate communities against human rights abuse
in the long term. 

*Labour Rights Promotion Network was renamed to Labour Protection Network to better reflect its well-known acronym, LPN

Why migrants?

Labour migrants are the most exploited 
population in Thailand.

A debilitating poverty, an insatiable demand for cheap labor and a backdrop of political upheaval and corruption creates a perfect storm for human rights abuse. 

And the most at-risk population within Thailand are migrants. 

They lack the basic rights afforded Thai nationals such as the ability to move freely, the freedom to change employers, access to education and the ability to organize. A lack of human rights opens them up to abuse and brutality at the hands of authorities and their employers.  

Traffickers prey on the weak, the lost, the orphaned, and the most vulnerable. 

Photo by: Visarut Sankham/Realframe

Human beings are not for sale

Captured as a

child for labor

Crushed under

threat of violence

Illegally bonded

by debt

Tricked and

forced to work

20 hours per day, 7 days a week, for years at a time with little
to no pay.

Trapped in an impossible cycle to repay the debts set by their own traffickers.

Children as young as 9 are caught and given fake identities, with no way to reach
their families.

Beatings, burnings,
starvation and the constant fight for survival.

Our theory of change

Create a virtuous cycle between
urgent rescue 
and prevention

There are people in trouble now that need our help and care. Yet there are also younger generations of vulnerable people we need to prevent from becoming trafficked in the first place.

Our urgent rescue work gives us the evidence we need to better advocate against human rights abuse and the insight we need to improve our prevention services.

Our long term prevention and education work builds access and trust in communities to help us surface tips and leads on new instances of abuse. Education is the number one way to break the cycle of poverty and strengthen communities against exploitation.

Together we have a powerful method for improving the lives of migrants in Thailand, and eradicating human rights abuse.

Our services

We focus on three primary service areas

Raids, rescue and
victim assistance


We are still getting distress calls.
These projects include the investigation and rescue of victims on land and at sea, and offers post-rescue services such as healthcare, trauma services, shelter and legal support.

education centers

Migrant children are frequently cut off from education.

These projects include creating safe spaces for migrant children to learn, integrate into local schools and build a new life in Thailand.

Labour rights promotion

advocacy and media

Not enough is being done to combat human rights abuse and trafficking.
LPN conducts the research, development and translation of rights-education materials, advocates for policy change, and conducts labour rights training.

Photo by: Visarut Sankham/Realframe

15 years
of direct, in-the-field experience has 
taught us what is
most critical for success

Strategic problem-solving: the ability to marshal a wide

network of activists and leaders to get results.

Life-saving field work: groundbreaking rescue missions,

and relentless drive for justice.

Powerful intelligence network: trusted relationships for
documenting & sharing evidence of human rights abuse.

Trusted migrant resource: timely, relevant information, in the
migrant’s home language.

Integration through education: local language and education by a
stable team of nurturing teachers to help break the cycle of poverty.


If you are moved by these stories, please consider donating to LPN today. Your support has the power to transform lives and prevent human tragedy. All donations directly fund LPN's raids & rescue, trafficking-prevention and rights advocacy work.


Meet the team of activists, social workers and former enslaved fishermen that make LPN possible.


Raids & Rescue 1.jpg

Dive into a "day in the life" of LPN rescue, advocacy and education teams in our photo galleries.

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Watch the trailer for Ghost Fleet, a stunning documentary featuring LPN's rescue work.



+66 84 121 1609

To report a case, request assistance, get information on labor
laws or government registration process, get in touch directly.

We speak Thai, Khmer, Lao & Burmese.

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