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LPN Training and Rehabilitation center for former fishermen

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

by Sompong Srakaew

“Training and Rehabilitation Center for Thai and Migrant Labour (L-TReC)” by the Labour Protection Network (LPN): Designed by Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University

Dear friends, general public, corporations with CSR programs, and network groups for Thai and Migrant workers. The LPN would like to present and implement the following projects for society and workers:

Project 1: Construction of a Rehabilitation Center and Foundation Office for people facing labor issues. This facility will be used as both a shelter for rehabilitation and for processing requests regarding labor-related problems. The project is supported by the Embassy of Japan's Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) with a first approximate construction budget of 2.9 million baht and other contributions that were provided from internal and external donors. This project has now been completed.

Project 2: Construction of the Training and Rehabilitation Center in order to develop the knowledge and capabilities of workers who are involved in conflict. These skills they learn will be transferable to their own work life. The budget for this project is set at 4 million baht. Currently, we are unable to initiate this project as it is still in the fundraising phase and gaining further support to build the facility. These two projects will act as a shelter for Thai and Migrant workers who are facing rights-related issues and unequal treatment from their employers.

The two projects are composed of 2 buildings on different plots of land that share the same road. These buildings are:

The Rehabilitation Center and Foundation Office Building, which was completed in 2019, and the Training Center for Prathum-Thani laborers to gain workplace skills so that they can be reintegrated into society and become self-reliant. This facility is crucial in providing occupation training to workers in Prathum-Thani province and other provinces throughout the country. This facility will also showcase and sell products made from workers during their occupation and skill training.

Project Objectives:

1. To provide occupation and skill training to disabled persons so that they can become self-reliant and be better integrated into society, without getting involved in illicit or drug-related activities.

2. To provide an exhibition space for art, handcrafted products, and other items made by disabled persons, as well as a public space for them to sell their products. This would generate a sense of pride and income for disabled persons who are being rehabilitated in the facility.

3. To create relationships between foundation and external stakeholders so that they may use the facility to promote the project to the public. The facilities will also be a shared space for people and workers who are living in Prathum-Thani province. The construction site for the project is an empty plot of land that was donated by LPN Co-founder, Mrs. Patima Tungpuchayakul, and it is located on the Ku Bang Luang Wai Phra road, Ku Bang Luang sub-district, Lat Lum Kaew district, Prathum-Thani province. On behalf of LPN, I would like to invite our dearest friends, civil society, companies with CSR programs and all worker networks to participate in our project by providing support through building materials, such as iron bars, cement, roof panels, and others, or donating funds to aid in the construction of the facility.

if you want to support this project, donate to the link below

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