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New Report Highlights Successes of LPN and CPF Worker Voice and Worker Training Programme

A new report released by the Labour Protection Network Foundation (LPN) and Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) highlights the successes of their joint Worker Voice and Worker Training Programme. The programme, which is now in its fifth year, aims to promote healthy and happy lives of workers with a decent job through training on human rights, Thai labour law, safety and occupational health, while ensuring workers' access to grievance and remedial mechanisms.

The report found that the programme has had a number of positive impacts on workers at CPF, including:

  • Increased awareness of workers' rights and entitlements

  • Improved access to grievance mechanisms

  • Enhanced communication and trust between workers and management

  • Improved working conditions and welfare

  • Reduced incidence of labour violations

The report also highlighted the importance of the programme's focus on migrant workers. Migrant workers are often vulnerable to labour rights abuses, and the programme has helped to ensure that they are able to access their rights and entitlements.

One key success of the programme has been the Labour Voices Hotline by LPN. The hotline provides workers with a confidential and accessible way to raise concerns about their working conditions or rights violations. Since the hotline was launched in 2017, it has received over 2,000 calls from workers, and CPF has taken action on over 90% of these calls.

Another key success of the programme has been the trainings on human rights and labour rights. Over the past five years, CPF has provided training to over 3,300 employees, including 74% migrants. The training has helped workers to understand their rights and entitlements, and to know how to raise concerns if they are not being respected.

The report concludes that the Worker Voice and Worker Training Programme has been a success in promoting good labour practices and improving the lives of workers at CPF. The programme is a model for other companies that are committed to respecting the rights of their workers.

Download the full report here:

Partnership Performance Report (2022 year-end) FINAL
Download PDF • 3.35MB

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