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School for Migrant Workers in Thailand

The language, religious, rights, and cultural learning centers for migrant labourers in Thailand, which could be perceived as a “University of Labour Life and Rights, has been functioning for almost 10 years along with the Migrant Labour Network (MLN) - we have been transmitting the knowledge, attitudes, and various life skills for better living conditions to over 30,000 migrant labourers in Thailand, especially of those that are from Myanmar”.

The centers are ready to satisfy the goal of inequality reduction and promotes peaceful collaborative learning within the ASEAN community.

The mentioned learning centers are a collaborative formation of independent groups by Burmese migrants of diverse ethnic backgrounds in the provinces of Samut Sakhon, Samut Prakan, Bangkok, Pathum Thani, Petchaburi, and nearby provinces.

The aforementioned centers currently exist in over 15 locations and have been progressing under the vision of the Migrant Labour Network in Thailand to assist migrants integrate peacefully into Thai society and ASEAN (MLN -ASEAN), supported by the Labour Protection Network (LPN).

With the concept of becoming the aspired ASEAN community, the populations of ASEAN must come forward together to generate areas for changes and education for capacity building in society, in order to build a civil society with responsibility for the destination areas which are the workplace of migrant labourers, and to become a society of intellect and local wisdom that provide public spaces to support the expression of migrant labourers.

To become an educational and knowledge exchanging space for migrant labourers working in Thailand, local Thais in the community, students, and others who are interested. To become a multicultural binding mechanism of diverse ethnicities.

To become a primary complaint center that reflects conflicts which have occurred, in order to provide access for legal and lawsuit assistance, a mechanism and network of volunteers for block watching within local societies.

To be able to participate and become independent, and to develop a collective positive attitude between Thai society and migrant labourers from neighboring countries, in order to establish a peaceful co-existence and mutual development within society

With the objectives to

  1. provide expressive spaces for migrant labourers both locally and publicly together with opportunities to exchange knowledge socially, religiously, and culturally

  2. promote a mechanism of independence and peaceful co-existence within both Thai and ASEAN societies among migrant laboureres

  3. create spaces for training and educational management for migrant labourers, migrant children and youth in diverse aspects that promote better living conditions and quality of life

  4. become a network of volunteers known as MMLG : Myanmar Migrant Labour Group in the province of Samut Sakhon and nearby provinces

  5. Expected Outcomes

    • The populations of migrant labourers are equipped with intellectual well-being, communication and exchange of knowledge are generated, an intellectual society in both Thailand and ASEAN is formed.

    • Thai people are given the educational opportunities socially, culturally, linguistically, religiously, and ethnically.

    • The collaborative network of migrant labourers will generate cooperation, participation in creative expression, societies of wisdom, and connecting mechanisms between local and national organizations

    • Innovative learning and intercultural exchange within the ASEAN region are encouraged

    • To become an educational space for students, researchers, and others who are interested

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