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Author | Sompong Srakaew

CEO Labour Protection Network


Let’s improve the life quality of migrants and migrant workers in Thailand, together with the LPN Foundation, 2023-2033

For the past 18 years, we have been involved in solving the issues of extremely fragile groups - people who cannot access their rights as members of society, forced laborers who are treated unfairly and inhumanely by their employers, and numerous victims of human trafficking. We have been attempting to eliminate human trafficking-related issues in collaboration with various national organizations and business sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Currently, the Thai government recognizes LPN’s efforts in generating partnerships among diverse related sectors, including the collaboration between CSOs and GOs of the sending countries of Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia in aiding victims of human trafficking and laborers that are deprived of rights and protections.

How can LPN bring its visions to life and make them come true in the next 10 years?

LPN visualizes itself as

“a labour protection organization which focuses on the promotion of better life quality, protection of rights, equity, independence, and peaceful co-existence in society. We are fighting to stop the human tragedy taking place behind the non-sustainable seafood business”.

LPN has been attempting to improve the living conditions of marginalized people, fragile groups, and those who cannot access their true and legal rights in Thailand, as well as the protection of their human rights.

Over 25 years, we have been contemplating and concerning the issues of rights protection among migrant workers in Thailand. There are many issues that have successfully been resolved, and these accomplishments cannot be converted into monetary value, but rather a societal value which always makes us happy, when we learn that everyone has the right to education, when their pain has been relieved, when they are protected, healed, and relocated safely.

Still, there exist many other plans that have not been carried out, and these plans do need support and collaboration from other sectors that appreciate and recognize the same values as we do. There are at least 15 missions, together with a grand strategy which include

  1. A museum of migrant workers as a historical site for educational purposes regarding the history of migrant workers in Thailand, and the description of their economic contribution in Thailand throughout the years

  2. A Training and Rehabilitation Center for Thai and Migrant Labour (L-TReC), or known as the LPN home, for training and healing those who have been taken advantage of so they can learn to be independent. The place also acts as a safe food space for everyone.

  3. To build and develop Social Enterprise, both domestically and internationally, for self-independence in the future

  4. Social innovations designed to realistically reached out to those who are in troubles, such as an application developed to aid migrants and provide the assistance they require

  5. CSOs Volunteer Social Worker Clinic Volunteer

  6. A mechanism aims for helping migrant workers and make their voices be heard, through the collaboration with private business sectors, under the framework of business and human rights (Labour Voices and B&HR : Business and Human Rights with Private Sectors)

  7. The forming of MLN: Migrant Labour Network among migrant workers around Thailand, through the Migrant Labour Group: MLG, to organize and develop learning centers, professional skills, and labor skills for migrant workers, along with the expansion of collaboration among other learning institutes

  8. Family Counselors and Sponsorships for educational opportunities and development of skills for Migrant Children in Thailand, along with the support in helping them secure jobs according to their areas of study and acquired diplomas

  9. Fundraising by Global Connect and Civil society in Thailand to improve the life quality of migrant workers and develop peaceful-coexistence in Thai society

  10. The strengthen of TIP - ACT Coalition and Union Networking in ASEAN to prevent human trafficking issues, along with the strengthening of both public and private sectors, civil society, and local migrant workers networks in the area

  11. The forming of LPN Hand to Hand Humanitarian Assistance for Migrant Workers Facing Crisis in Thailand - SDG, as a mechanism to provide emergency aid and humanitarian operations

  12. The supporting and conserving of arts, cultures, traditions, sports, and traveling from migrant workers

  13. Goodbye Trash : Zero Waste Myanmar and Thai Community program which aims for the revitalization and conservation of environment in migrant workers’ communities and sea sides

  14. The promotion of Myanmar social market in Thailand and consuming culture of balanced diet

  15. Cultural Media Advocacy and Film making by migrant workers to generate societal changes

  16. The building of public spaces for migrant children's social and cultural expression, along with entertainment and performances to create a cultural attraction for Thai and international tourists

  17. The connection of missions and strategies with ASEAN countries in the Southeast Asian region, as well as Europe and America

Therefore, LPN appreciates and needs collaboration from all sectors, targeting from a grass-root level, transnational populations, migrant worker networks in Thailand, Thai people, Civil Society networks and business sectors, both domestic and international ones, and governmental organizations from all levels.

In 2023, the foundation would like to invite those who are interested in being part of our team to sponsor the quality of life of migrant and Thai workers and achieve ASEAN and universal standard of rights.

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